Legality Of Online Gambling In USA

Legality Of Online Gambling In USA

According to the rule passed by the USA court of appeals in November 2002, the Federal Wire Act stops the electronic transmission of the information about sports betting on the telecommunications lines. In the year 2004, Yahoo and Google announced that they were removing all sorts of online gambling advertisements from their sites. In the April 2005, Yahoo has prompted a restrictive policy about the gambling ads.

In response to the enforcement act of Unlawful gambling, many top United States gambling sites such as Bwin, PartyGaming, Cassava Enterprise and Sportingbet made the announcement that real money gambling operations will be on hold for the US customers. The stocks of PartyGaming went down by 60% after the announcement. Other websites like Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars, Bodog and World sports exchange made the announcement of serving the customers in U.S.

In the year 2007, there was internet Gambling regulation act was introduced that modified UIGEA by offering a provision for licensing the internet gambling services. Various similar acts have been introduced since then in the Senate and the House. In the june 2009, US department of justice seized around $34 million that belonged to more than 27,000 accounts in the Southern New York District against the online poker players.

This is the first time that the money was seized from the individual players in comparison with the gaming company. In December 2009, the House financial services committee did a hearing on UIGEA and the Internet Gambling act where all the experts in the fields of the consumer safety and online security testified that there should be a regulatory framework for online gambling that would safeguard the customers and ensure the integrity online gambling financial transactions. On the July 2010, the committee passed the bill that legalized and regulated online poker and some other kinds of online gambling.

These USA online gambling laws and statutes are meant to be followed by all the online gambling sites that are operating in the country. Any violation of the laws may result in the website being shut down. The bill enables the bets to be taken in the poker games, slots and casino games but not on sports betting. Sports betting or any sort of betting to be done online are still illegal in the US and strict action is taken against the companies that violate the rules.

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