Balance The Dice

Without rules there would be anarchy. So they can be used to good effect, to create structure and sensibility. Casinos are held together by a series of strong, sound, sensible rules. They are put in place to protect both the house and the player. But sometimes the rules come down a little bit heavier on the protection side of the house.

Take Craps for example. One of the most prestigious, interesting and exciting table games played anywhere in the world. There are certain rules about the handling of the dice. You can only use one hand and not two and you shouldn’t move your hand anywhere near the edge of the table. To do so will draw eyeballs from the pit. If the dice leave the table and you are superstitious enough to wish to continue using them, then the Boxman has to check them first. But whatever happened to the player’s rules? Who protects the player against the house?

What stops the casino from providing unbalanced dice at a Craps table? How does the player know they are being given a fair chance in a game of pure luck? One way that this problem could be solved is by the introduction of a dice-balancing calliper. The casino could supply one at each Craps table and The Shooter could be given the opportunity to balance the dice before they take charge of their throw. On one hand it removes the suspicions of the suspicious, but on the other hand it slows the game down.

It’s all a question of balance.